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Green DrinkRecommended Superfoods

Greens Mix
Our #1 choice for all our clients for many reasons.  Greens Mix is used as a multivitamin with many more advantages such as containing highly available minerals that help to restore and maintain a healthy pH between 6.4-7.0 first morning urine. 
- Has every known nutrient needed to sustain life
- Excellent DNA repair and rejuvenation agent
- Air-dried so the enzymes stay intact
- More vitamin C than oranges
- More calcium than milk
- More carotene than carrots
- Acts as a mild blood cleanser
- Builds and supports healthy blood
- The chlorophyll content is known as a great detoxifier

An ideal food for the intestines.
- Promotes intestinal immune players such as probiotic support
- Has a sponge-like activity which helps clear debris from the intestines
- Can have a calming effect on stressed adrenals
- An excellent fiber and ideal food for the intestinal lining

A critical player for anyone who has had their gallbladder removed.
- Acts as an emulsifier and natural lubricant
- Known for helping lower bad cholesterol and raising the good cholesterol
- Is a key player in helping clear plaque from the arteries
- Helps support healthy mood and positive outlook
- Helps protect cell membranes from viruses and bacteria form having access
- Rich in natural vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids

Coconut Oil
Excellent oil for cooking because it can withstand high temperatures without destroying the integrity of the oil. Very few oils can withstand high heat. 
- Can be used topically as a sun screen and lubricant
- Natural infection fighter
- Shown to help destroy parasites, bacteria, fungus and some viruses
- Helps stabilize blood sugar levels when consuming desserts
- Inhibits many chemical carcinogens

Essential Fatty Acids
A critical component to the double bond structure of every cell in the body and since they are not manufactured in the body, they must be ingested through a healthy diet or through supplementation. These are very susceptible to damage and you must only consume a reliable source where no heat was use in the processing, no solvents used in the extraction process, or any deodorizing process is used. These oils must be kept in dark containers (violate is best) and under refrigeration to prevent rancidity.
- Helps reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling
- Needed for healthy hormone and steroid production
- Helps the body direct hormones to their target cells
- Helps regulate circulation
- Helps regulate secretions such as mucus and their viscosity
- Helps regulate the pressure in the eyes, joints, and the blood vessels

Lean Body Whey
Much more than a protein supplement. There are over 50,000 known proteins that are necessary for:
- Healthy bones
- Growth
- Muscles
- Tendons
- All organs
- Hair, skin and nails
Also included in Lean Body whey:
- Himalayan Pine Pollen good for boosting the body’s oxygen capacity increasing energy and endurance and helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
- Organic Green Cereal Grasses
- CLA – helps promote lean body mass
- Blueberry Powder for maximum ORAC value
- Arabinogalactan- helps stimulate the natural killer cells, assists the body’s detoxification process,
- FOS: acts as a pre-biotic to promote healthy colon ecology, shown to promote a 5 fold increase in the good bacteria of the large intestine in just 4 weeks
- Organic raw cane juice

Multi Pollen
Contains over 500 bioflavonoids with 18 different flower pollens.  Bioflavonoids cannot be produced by the body and must come through the diet.
- A key player inthe integrity of the linings of the walls of the arteries and veins. Poor levels makes bruising and internal bleeding more problematic
- Enhances endurance and strength
- Has anti-inflammatory effects and has been useful in some migraines
- Helps enhance the absorption of vitamin C and helps to preserve the structure and integrity  of the walls of the capillary blood vessels
- Air pollution and cigarette smoking  depletes bioflavonoids
- Protects the linings if the urinary tract from excessive acidity
- Important for hormone production
- Anti bacterial effect and promotes circulation and the production of healthy liver bile and thus their lack contributes to unhealthy cholesterol levels
- Liver detoxification
- Allergies
- Blood building
- Immune support
- Chronic fatigue
- Kidney disorders
- Bladder problems
- Capillary weakness
- Ulcers
- Impotence

Nutritional Flakes
Rich in many different elements and ours are guaranteed to be free of Candida Albicans unlike many others.  Our flakes are grown on molasses as opposed to being grown in industrial sludge or refines sugar which is the most common practice in the industry
- Rich in B vitamins, trace minerals including selenium, manganese, copper, vanadium, molybdenum, and lithium.
- Rich in glutathione, lysine and tryptophan
- A pre-biotic to support healthy colon ecology
- Shown to help improve liver function
- Improve blood production
- Helps support alkaline phosphate levels for bone health
- A must for vegans and vegetarians with lacking B12 in the diet

Pink Salt
A totally raw product that comes from ancient unpolluted sea beds that are rich in trace minerals. Salt has gotten a bad reputation and justifiable so because of the damaged sources that are readably available on the market.  This is a case of “bad” salt being terrible for you where “good” salt is critically important for you. Our bodies need the chloride fraction of the salt to create hydrochloric acid and the digestive system needs the sodium fraction to cool off the digestive juices in the small intestine. When salt is highly heated (cheep junk food salt) the sodium and chloride fractions become bonded or welded together and the body can’t separate the two for the healthy benefits. The salt then is held by the body in hopes of future use and becomes problematic.    

Tocotriene Complex
Comes from rice bran and is

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