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Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, had it right in 400 BC we he said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This brilliant man believed in the healing power of nature and the power of our bodies to heal themselves and we couldn’t agree more. Our nutritional approach to health is through establishing a clean, healthy diet and when needed supplementing with nature’s intelligence.

Every individual’s body has its own requirements and is assessed as such using Quantum Reflex Analysis which is a form of muscle testing. For example, we are able to determine through kinesiology how much vitamin b is needed to make the liver strong or to tell how much digestive aids are needed to keep the intestines happy.  We can also test to see if your current supplements are helping or harming you.

In order to achieve a healthy, vibrant life, it is important to establish a functioning biological terrain or what I like to call the body’s soil chemistry.  Our intestines contain more microorganisms like bacteria and fungus than we have cells in our body and this is actually normal.   What is imperative here is to make sure we have more of the good, healthy bacteria like probiotics than the bad bacteria that create toxins that are harmful to us. This can be achieved by eating a primarily plant based diet one that is rich in things like kefir, cultured vegetables, organic protein sources, abundant raw foods and juicing. This may sound unappetizing to some, but let me assure you, once you eliminate all the toxins and chemical food additives that are so prevalent in processed foods you will start to crave the things your body needs.  For example, MSG is a neurotoxin that is used to excite your taste buds and to make your body “think” the food you are eating taste good. In actuality, the junk food you are eating tastes so bad without it you couldn’t eat it without the MSG and other harmful additives. Many people are addicted to food additives and find it difficult to enjoy healthy foods that are full of life vitality. You just got to go for it and wean off the junk and introduce more healthy alternatives into your diet.Before you know it you will be feeling better than you ever thought you could.

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