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Welcome to Garden Path Wellness!

Are you ready to unleash the inherent, unlimited healing potential that resides within you? Are you sick, tired, in pain and ready to feel better? Or, are you somewhat healthy but lacking the energy that you used to have? Our therapies address a spectrum of health issues, including:

At Garden Path Wellness, we offer a whole body approach to health and wellness to restore your body’s healing abilities through:

Body work that focuses on restoring the body’s energetic coherence to re-establish effective communication at the cellular level.
> Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy (QEST)
> Therapeutic Muds
> Laser Scar Therapy

Restoring the body’s biological terrain to re-establish a healthy pH for good tissue oxygenation and mineralization.
> Superfoods
> Nutritional Counseling

Addressing the emotional issues that have been programmed into the subconscious that may be sabotaging your efforts to become healthy.
> Emotional Repolarization Technique
> Flower Essences
> QEST for Toxic Emotions

> Detoxification recipes for eliminating toxic load on the body for optimum health.

Popular Recipes for nourishing and supporting your body for optimum vitality.

Profound results have been achieved with this approach to healing which you can read about in the Testimonials section.



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